Isaac Correa – Web Designer – Gamer

I am Isaac Correa, I come from a small town in a small country named Panama. I am able to speak 3 languages; English as a fluent speaker, Spanish as a native speaker, and I know the basic about Japanese. Since I was 10 years old I have been passionate about web design.

I have been making small websites since then, and now I am able to make huge websites for any kind of target. I can make websites for a person who wants to start a blog, for a small business and for a corporate business.

I like video games a lot, and because of that I have been really interested in working in the video games business, and I have tried and learnt so many things, from programming to level design, from 3D Design to story telling. I am really Passionate about League of Legends and Japanese culture. I consider my self someone who will never rest until accomplish his goals.